Saturday, August 26, 2006

Portfolio Diving

Now that I have explained my asset allocation, I'll describe my investment holdings in more detail.

Where specifically is the money? My small cap equity portfolio (fully inside my 401(k)) is represented by The Ariel Fund and Columbia Acorn Fund. US fixed income is represented by Pimco's mammoth Total Return fund, also inside the 401(k). My inflation protected FI fund is Pimco's Real Return fund, again, inside the 401(k).

Moving on to the international small caps, Templeton Foreign Small Cap fund holds 10% of my portfolio. Yes, this too is in my old 401(k). I should be clear that I have two 401(k)s, the one abandoned after my company was bought by a much larger entity, and the new one with Fidelity whose fund choices leave a lot to be desired. Most of the diversification comes from the old 401(k), which is why that one will be rolled into a self-directed Roth IRA in the near future.

The international mid cap representation is courtesy of American Europacific Growth Fund and the SPARX Japan Fund. Europacific has the larger weighting. While the former is owned inside my 401(k), the latter is in a taxable account. I have owned it for almost 1 year and plan to continue holding it for a while.

The large cap international segment is owned by Fidelity's Diversified International Fund, which I think is the only fund in my new 401(k) that I am investing in currently. The emerging market equities fund I am looking at, but not yet invested in, is T. Rowe Price's Emerging Europe & Mediterranean Fund. That will be owned outside of either 401(k) as well. My RE exposure is in the Phoenix Dodge & Phelps RE Securities Fund.

As for the US large cap exposure, I own XLP, with 5% of my portfolio, alonside the American Growth Fund of America (redundant, dontcha think?), at 7.5%.

I do my commodities and forex trading through accounts with 2 brokers, 1 in Chicago and one in NJ. And the cash portion is money sitting on the sidelines in money market funds within the taxable account.

So that's the breakdown. I've totally forgotten the other topics I have previously said I would discuss in earlier posts, so if someone who has been keeping score wants to ping me with that info, that would be very helpful. Otherwise I'll be reading through my older posts to figure out the material for the next post. So until next time...

Go unleaded gasoline!

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