Sunday, August 13, 2006

Miscellaneous Market Ramblings

So a well connected, slightly younger friend of mine, from now on to be referred to as "G", wants me to go down to TX with him to explore investing in the oil industry. I don't know where "G" gets these ideas, but I have to admit to being intrigued.

Man, the events of this past week were murder. Makes you wanna crawl up in a corner in the fetal position and suck your thumb all day. And damn if watching the front month long bond futures creep down steadily hasn't been annoying. Just get through to 108 already dammit! Just 9 more ticks to go.


And did you see unleaded gasoline? (As if there is a market for leaded gasoline still. WTF?) But you have to wonder - if there are so many daggone speculators in the market as OPEC would like us to believe, how come we didn't see a larger drop across the petroleum-based energy futures. Just a question I've been pondering for the last few days in the wake of the "foiled" terrorist plot.

Anyway, until next time, peace!

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