Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quick Post

I have a ton of things I need to catch up on, so I need to make this quick.

So far this month is going fairly well in terms of my savings and investing. My stocks have been acting pretty well and I haven't had any major expenditures. I might need to get something done on my car, but it shouldn't be too expensive.

I also *might* be going to Europe later this year. The key word here is "might" because there's a chance my friends might flake out. As of right now we're looking into things and where to go. The goal is to go for about 12 days for under $2000. I think this is definitely do-able because we will be going during the off-season so a roundtrip ticket is around $600 (pretty cheap).
I'm glad I started that vacation fund because by the time we're ready to go, the fund should be able to pay for the majority of the trip.

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