Thursday, April 20, 2006

Portal Player

It was a rough day for whoever held a position in Portal Player today (PLAY). Their product is used in the Ipods and Apple is their main customer.
First Apple came out with an okay report and strong demand in Ipods and the Nano Ipods. So things were looking fairly good for PLAY. Then a press released went out last night stating that Apple was no longer going to use PLAY's products! Today was a terrible day as it ended down over 41%.

In other news, Google's profit went up by 60% and the last time I checked it was up almost 8% in after-hours.

My portfolio had a decent day, finishing up over 1% while the S&P was basically flat. I was helped out by my small insurance company. It's had a nice few days and I'm up almost 4% in about one week.

I still need to invest more and I feel that my cash levels are too high. Although I think it's hard to find good stocks, I can always find something. In the U.S. area I might stick to more stable dividend paying stocks, unless I can find some small-caps I like. I'm searching through some ADR's for some foreign exposure as well (although many of them have gone up quite a bit so far)

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