Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I'll try to post later tonight, but I got my CFA results back. As you can tell from the title, I'm taking it again in June. I scored high on the parts that matter to me the most (equities, financial analysis, fixed income, derivatives), but not so well on some of the other parts (ethics being the big one). I think if I passed that section I would have passed overall.
The pass rate was 34%

I'm confident I will pass in June because now I know how to prepare. Forget the books! I'll be using Schweser products: notes, practice tests, etc.

I will try to post more later because I have a few more updates.
The next few months should be interesting as I try to balance working 40-45 hours, two night classes, and the CFA test (oh yeah, and maybe a social life too!)

I'll try to post later tonight.

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klauss said...

I did not pass either. I guess I deserve it though considering my preperation. The strength report was not as pretty as I would have liked. Financial Statement Analysis was < 50%, most others were good though. Too bad that section is weighted the most. June shall yield better results for both of us. Good luck