Friday, July 17, 2009

They Went Thataway!

So CBRE says there is effectively no AAA paper in the CMBS market. The TALF program is only accepting AAA paper to be sold to investors. Did I miss something or does anyone else see a problem here? Seems to me there is a disconnect here.

It also doesn't help that the delays in the TALF implementation will mean a few more months of deterioration in the CMBS market before any paper is moved.

While I originally meant to publish this piece a few weeks ago, the thoughts still stand. Here's a article that I noticed just a few minutes ago. Everyone should think long and hard about this, but I don't see people giving this the consideration it deserves.

"Timberrr!" That could be the sound of the US economy taking another fall, and in very short order. SRS, as a short, looks promising, but what I really need is an unlevered fund. I'll be spending some quality time with ETFConnect to find one.

Until next time, peeps!

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