Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Selling Out

Yep, I did it.

I sold 60% of my position in UCO to lock in my gains. With the exception of $500, I've taken out my entire investment of $5500 (approximately). My remaining position would have to see UCO hit $2.50 in order to wipe me out. From here on, it's all profit. Having a smaller position in UCO is reassuring, as I now have some capital to deploy in other interesting ways, including possibly buying back into UCO or other oil related investments.

I still think the overall direction for the markets is down, at least from this point. How much further down and for how long are questions I don't have answers to. So getting out during yesterday's downdraft was fine by me. I really should have had a selling plan together, but I've been preparing for a trip to San Francisco and have been distracted by the details. Watching the European and pre-market US action yesterday was a wake up call!

So what's next? I have no idea. This money is my original investment, so the search is on for a worthy vehicle. My broker will be lifting day trading and margin restrictions on my account next Wednesday (hopefully) so that is very welcome. For now though, I feel like trading on a 3 - 12 month timeframe. I guess it's time to do some research. I really wish I could do equity options trading though. Certain things would be so much easier. Oh well. *shrug*


Until next time...

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