Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Apology

Yes, I've been out of it. No, I have no excuse. Don't need one. Its called life. I can happily report that I have successfully moved most of my personal belongings into my new, $416/month cheaper, apartment. There will be more discussion of this in the near future, and its impact on my overall finances. I may also finish my July update, as a few surprises popped up recently which modified the picture but not in an overwhelming way. Or I may just continue forward with the August snapshot. Who knows!?!?

Anyway, I will write again soon. Now, its time to go home, where I have no Internet connectivity, to read documentation and source code for the FIX protocol and watch the end of "Wall Street". (There will be a review coming as well. I've seen the damn movie too many times to not analyze it on this blog.) Depending on how much this caffeine continues powering me, I may work on valuing some multi-unit properties I'm considering putting an offer in on. We'll see!


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