Sunday, June 22, 2008

What I Want... a short play on social networking. How many fuggin' social networking sites do we need? I know I sure don't need that many, and I probably need more than the average human. (Not as many as Kedrosky, but more than average. THAT dude needs his own personal social network.)

I wish there were a nice index I could short, but none of these fuggin' sites is public (and most probably have no chance of ever being public). In fact, fugg a short. Just buy puts on the index. I need a derivative contract.

Hi5? Facebook? LinkedIn? Friendster? Ok, ok, ok. I'm good. I don't need Multiply or MyYearBook or whatever the hell other social networks are lurking out there. Fuggggg man, just leave it alone already!

One of my students asked me about his idea for a social network the other day. I went on a rant about the business, basically telling him that he'd be better off doing it as a hobby unless he had a clear business case and heartless, soulless dedication to that objective. (As Gekko said, if you need a friend, get a dog.) I sure hope he doesn't go through with it. Talk about a waste of talent and time.

Stop with the social networks, please, for the love of God and all that holy!

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