Monday, May 14, 2007

Going In Motion

I have to thank Sherman Ragland for the title of this post.

My partner in the mobile software business and I had a meeting with my second cousin last Thursday. He's a lawyer at a fairly large and unnameable firm who has seen fit to consult us pro-bono about some of the things we need to do as a startup. It has been greatly appreciated.

So our next step will be to finally start perfecting the IP protections on our software. This shouldn't be too painful, its just not exactly how we'd like to spend our time. It really is beautiful how much traction you can get with a $300 investment, though!

I will be spending some quality time in the near future working on our architecture document.

Anyway, I find myself doing some reading that is long overdue. Last year, Margaret Hwang Smith and Gary Smith at Pomona College wrote a paper entitled "Bubble, Bubble, Where's the Housing Bubble?" Its a very nice read, with a new perspective on real estate valuation that I know I will carry into both my business and personal real estate purchases. I'm currently working their analysis into my valuation spreadsheet. Amateur financial engineering, baby! I'll write more on this in the future.

My real estate investor friend is getting closer to selling off his properties. Man, this shite will teach you patience. I can't really force the matter, since he has a bunch of properties I want to look at, most of them close to Washington, DC. In the meantime, I'll get back on my Baltimore hustle.

And one of these days I'll open that daggone self-directed Roth IRA.


Until next time...

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